San Diego Zoo

One of the most interesting places in the region is the Balboa Park. In this park lies the world-famous San Diego Zoo that houses more than 4,000 animals and about 800 species. Surely, no visitor would ever want to miss visiting this zoo as this is considered one of the largest and most progressive zoos of the world. Here, one would also get to see the unique and rare giant panda.

The Zoological Society operates the Zoo. This is a non-profit organization that leased the 100-acre of land from the San Diego government just to house the animals, making the land one of the well-known spots in the area. All equipment, assets, and animals of the zoo are considered owned by the city.

Touring Around the Well-Known Zoo

The 100 acres of land of the Zoo are made up of facilities and equipment that makes touring and visiting exciting and fun. Visitors can be guided by tour buses that cover about 75 percent of the park tour. Aside from the buses, visitors can also enjoy a ride of the skyfari, a Gondola lift that offers an aerial zoo view. It is also one easy way to go from one end of the zoo to the other.

The San Diego Zoo provides more than just a display of animals. It also exhibits the habitat of the particular animal through a man-made ecosystem. Here are some of highlights of the zoo:

African Rain Forest. This features the gorilla in a forest-type habitat. This includes different plant life in a miniature world of the African forest.

Arctic World. This features polar bears in the Arctic tundra and taiga during summertime. This also features birds within this habitat.

Collection of Other Mammals. Different animal life are also featured in different natural-looking environment wherein wires and dark blinds are hidden to create a subtle real animal life. Together with the animals are plants that go in perfect blend with the environment.

Arboretum. Aside from animals, the zoo also displays a rare plant collection. The zoo grows its own plants that are used to feed the animals in it. For instance, there are about 400 different bamboo species that are used for the pandas, while eucalyptus plants are raised for koalas.

Endangered Species. The San Diego Zoo also houses endangered species, which include the giant panda, the African black rhino, and tigers. These species are captured and breed to be released in their natural habitats. As such the zoo maintains a laboratory that studies and works on the processes of reproducing these species.

San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park. This is where animals are transferred every now and then so that they won’t live in just the zoo alone. This move is to expose animals to other appropriate environments as part of the animal survival plan.

With all the facilities and efforts, the San Diego Zoo requires heavy financing. It gets its sources from society memberships of about 25,000 members. On top of this, it also has general admission fees. Members get to enjoy year-round reentrance pass rights, subscription of the zoo’s magazine called ZooNooz, and guest passes.