San Diego Marina

There is so much in life that costs so much. I am always pleased to discover a totally cost free, lovely romantic adventure: walking the San Diego Marina area.


Starting at the south end, meander by and ogle all those fancy yachts. Then see who can find the most romantically named yacht. “My Darling”, “Getaway” and “Lovers Loft” are all great possibilities. And ask your sweetie where she would like to go if she could go anywhere in the world. This is the stuff of dreams.


Next wander through some fascinating little shops. It doesn’t cost a penny to browse, and many of them are surprisingly inexpensive. There is

  • A palace filled with mystical crystal pieces to wish upon;
  • Tropical wear for guys and gals and little’uns;
  • Authentic, elegant silver and turquoise pieces;
  • Luxury bath items (have one custom made for custom sweetheart);
  • Scandinavian treasures;
  • Books, fancy and fanciful;
  • Beautiful jewels, both real and unreal;
  • Christmas memories, any time of the year;
  • Music boxes to set your heart in a flurry;
  • A beer store for the guy in your life;
  • A hat store to look chic or silly.
  • Animals of all sorts to keep your honey company when you are away.

… and lots more. Over 50 unique little stores altogether. And lots of little munchie places, and super restaurants too.

The San Diego Marina area would be delightfully romantic if it had nothing more than these charming little shops and eateries. But in fact there is a great deal more.


Right smack in the middle is the San Diego Marina Park, a lovely park perfect for picnics and flying kites.

I took my sweetie to the Park a few days ago. I was thrilled to find the California Poppy Picnic Table, just sitting there waiting for us. It really is all decorated with California poppies in bright golds and yellows, with painted seats just right for us two.

After lunch we visited some people from Denver who were flying kites. They were kind enough to let us try out the strings and feel the tug at our heartstrings too.


As we were leaving the San Diego Marina Park, a horse drawn carriage came by, with personally guided tours through the Gaslamp District of San Diego. This was just too romantic to pass up. No, this is not free, but it is not expensive either.


Feeling refreshed, we continued on. Next is the San Diego harbor area for cruise ships, and there was one there on our afternoon. We dreamed of faraway places as we hopped onto a harbor cruise. The cool ocean breezes wafted by.


My sweetie was feeling a bit tired when we got back, so we hopped onto one of those little rickshaws that college boys drive. These are delightful bicycle-driven carriages for two. Ours was decorated like a leopard. Personally, I thought a lion decoration would be more tasteful, but we took it anyhow.


The leopard-rickshaw took up back up to the restaurant area, where we sat with a mai tai and watched the sun go down over the blue Pacific. What a sunset.

As the lights in Harbor Village began to twinkle on, we decided to call it a day. But we will be back. Soon.