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Yala is a popular tourist destination that almost always makes the list of the top ten places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, being a tropical Island has a vast variety of flora fauna that can rarely be found in any other country. The tropical wilderness with the majestic animals at Yala, is truly an awe-inspiring experience to any nature lover!

You can spot a diverse of wildlife, from fierce leopards to the Sri Lankan Sloth bear, wild water buffalos, spotted deer, golden jackal and many other kinds of Reptiles and even fish. Elephants are a common sight, who roam the park freely. You will also be able to spot the less predatory mammals like wild rabbits if you are lucky.

Amongst the thorny bushes, pristine trees, serene lagoons and the golden sand dunes you will be able to witness different kinds of birds as well. 215 varieties of birds have been recorded with a large number of them being marked as endangered!

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