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Fondly known as “Little England”, Nuwera Eliya is one of the most popular destinations in Sri Lanka. Surrounded by tea plantation hills and tropical plants which result in the distinct cool climate of the city, Nuwera Eliya is a must visit!

For a tropical Island, with mostly sunshine Nuwera Eliya and its surrounding cities are surprising cold and extremely misty. During the season of April, the city comes alive with carnivals, large crowds of people and fun activities with many things to do in Nuwera Eliya.

Throughout the year, locals and foreigners alike, visit this serene city purely for its excellent climatic conditions. The hotels in Nuwera Eliya vary in price and quality to match every budget.

Some of the places to visit in Nuwera Eliya includes Lake Gregory with fun activities like boat riding, speed boats, jet skiing and etc., Tea Plantations, Horton Plains, Hakgala Gardens, Victoria Park and waterfalls like the St.Claire falls and Lover’s Leap.

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