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Bentota is a coastal city in the shores of the Paradise Island, in close proximity to the Historic City of Galle. It is a well-famed destination for tourists and locals alike. This beautiful town with its sandy beaches and clear blue waters, can be the perfect destination for a day at the beach!

The sound of the chirping birds atop the palm groves whilst the waves kiss the golden shores, is truly a magnificent sight! There is no shortage of luxury hotels and spas in Bentota. The Bentota beach is famed for its water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving and many more. The Canoe Rock at the Bentota Beach is the chief diving spot that is home to sandy spots and coral formations.

Make sure when hiring diving equipment they are PADI and SLTDA certified for your own safety.

Some other places to visit in Bentota are the turtle Hatchery, the Bentota River & the Brief Garden.

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